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Advisory Panel
  • Mr. T.Kripanidhi
    Honourable District Judge (Rtd.)
  • Ms.V.R.Ramya
    Legal Advisor
  • Mr. D.Kalaiarasan
    Legal Advisor
  • Mr. S. Ramesh
    Advocate (High Court)
  • Mr.S. Sundaramoorthy
    Senior Legal Counsel (High Court)
  • Mr. V. Moorthy
    V.A.O (Rtd)
  • Mr. Vinayagam
    V.A.O (Rtd.)
  • Mr.K.Siva Mohan Doss
    Senior Surveyor (Rtd.)
  • Mr.Deva Deven
    Sub Registrar (Rtd.)
  • Dr. M.A. Akbar Badushah
    Assistant Director R D (Rtd)
  • Mr. S.Ashiq Nawaz
    Administrative Officer
  • Mr. B. Yaheya Khan
    General Manager
  • Mr. A. Abdul Kareem
    General Manager
  • Mr. G.Venugopal
    Management Advisory
  • Mr. Abdul Salam
    Management Advisory
Welcome to Visionation Properties
Visionation is an Himalayan effort in the field of reality service to create the right awareness on the processes and procedures involved while a property deal is done.

Our management has coined the term VISIONATION keeping in mind the concept that "development of a nation starts from the vision of an individual to develop his or her own property .This micro level development of individual visions put together as a whole results in development of a nation", hence we have coined the term VISIONATION- whose sole responsibility would be to act as platform, information center or a guidance cell to every individual who is involved in a property deal.

At Visionation we aim at being a platform and information center providing proper guidance to all who involve in property deals in a procedural manner. This may involve right from clarifying
  • Whether the right property is sourced ,
  • What legal verification is required to confirm the genuineness of the property,
  • How the site has to be matched and cross verified with the state records ,
  • Find whether all taxes and other dues are up to date ,
  • Whether all approvals are taken as per the government norms and
  • Finally go for registration and post registration transfers.
News and Events
  • 01
    Jan 2014

    Mr. I. Mohamed Farook, Managing Director of Visionation Property Care Private Limited was awarded as a Best Industrialist with a Title as "SEVAI CHEMMAL" by “Tamilnadu Cinema Kalai Mandram" in appreci...

  • 08
    Aug 2013
    Interview about Property Services

    Interview of Mr.I.Mohammed Farook, Managing Director of Visionation property care pvt ltd, reg. innovative Property Related Services that was telecasted on 08-08-2013 in Jaya TV.

  • 12
    Oct 2013
    Interview about Civil Disputes

    Watch the interview of Mr.S.Ramesh, Advocate, High court & Senior Advisory of Visionation property care pvt ltd, that was telecasted on 12-10-2013 in Raj News.

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