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Advisory Panel
  • Mr. T.Kripanidhi
    Honourable District Judge (Rtd.)
  • Ms.V.R.Ramya
    Legal Advisor
  • Mr. D.Kalaiarasan
    Legal Advisor
  • Mr. S. Ramesh
    Advocate (High Court,Chennai)
  • Mr.S. Sundaramoorthy
    Senior Legal Counsel (High Court)
  • Mr. V. Moorthy
    V.A.O (Rtd)
  • Mr.K.Siva Mohan Doss
    Senior Surveyor (Rtd.)
  • Mr. V.Vinayagam
    VAO Rtd
  • Mr.Deva Deven
    Sub Registrar (Rtd.)
  • Dr. M.A. Akbar Badushah
    Assistant Director R D (Rtd)
  • Mr. A. Abdul Kareem
    General Manager
  • Mr. B. Yaheya Khan
    General Manager (O)
  • Mr. S.Ashiq Nawaz
    Administrative Officer
  • Mr. A.Jiyawdeen
    Chief Admin
  • Mr. G.Venugopal
    Management Advisor
Welcome to Visionation Properties
Visionation is an Himalayan effort in the field of reality service to create the right awareness on the processes and procedures involved while a property deal is done.

Our management has coined the term VISIONATION keeping in mind the concept that "development of a nation starts from the vision of an individual to develop his or her own property .This micro level development of individual visions put together as a whole results in development of a nation", hence we have coined the term VISIONATION- whose sole responsibility would be to act as platform, information center or a guidance cell to every individual who is involved in a property deal.

At Visionation we aim at being a platform and information center providing proper guidance to all who involve in property deals in a procedural manner. This may involve right from clarifying
  • Whether the right property is sourced ,
  • What legal verification is required to confirm the genuineness of the property,
  • How the site has to be matched and cross verified with the state records ,
  • Find whether all taxes and other dues are up to date ,
  • Whether all approvals are taken as per the government norms and
  • Finally go for registration and post registration transfers.
News and Events
  • 14
    Oct 2014
    Discussion about Property Issues

    Discussion with Mr.I.Mohammed Farook, Managing Director of Visionation property care pvt ltd, reg. innovative Property Related Services that was telecasted on 03-07-2014 in Raj Tv Makkal Medai.

  • 01
    Jan 2014

    Mr. I. Mohamed Farook, Managing Director of Visionation Property Care Private Limited was awarded as a Best Industrialist with a Title as "SEVAI CHEMMAL" by “Tamilnadu Cinema Kalai Mandram" in appreci...

  • 08
    Aug 2013
    Interview about Property Services

    Interview of Mr.I.Mohammed Farook, Managing Director of Visionation property care pvt ltd, reg. innovative Property Related Services that was telecasted on 08-08-2013 in Jaya TV.

  • 12
    Oct 2013
    Interview about Civil Disputes

    Watch the interview of Mr.S.Ramesh, Advocate, High court & Senior Advisory of Visionation property care pvt ltd, that was telecasted on 12-10-2013 in Raj News.

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