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  • Hon. D. Arulraj
    Chief Advisor
    Pr.Dist Judge Rtd
  • D. Kalaiarasan
  • Mr. S. Ramesh
    Cheif Legal Advisor
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  • Mr. S. Sundaramoorthy
    Senior Legal Counsel
  • Hon. T. Kirupanidhi
    Chief Advisor
  • Ms.B.Vaishnavi
  • Mr. V.Vinayagam
    VAO Rtd
  • Mr. K. Siva mohan doss
    Senior Surveyor (Rtd.)
  • Dr. M.A. Akbar Badushah
    Asst Director Rural Development
  • Mr. Moorthy
    VAO (Rtd.)
  • Mr.Deva Deven
    Sub Registrar (Rtd),
  • Mr.B. Yaheya Khan
    General Manager
  • Mr. G.Venugopal
    Management Advisory
  • Mr.A. Abdul Kareem
    General Manager (Finance)
Mr. I. Mohamed Farook - The Managing Director of Visionation Property Care Private Limited has over 20 years experience in all facets of property services including Investigation, Promotion, Development, Construction, Loan, Sales and Marketing. He has been constantly working on all aspects of real estate holdings including the use of real estate to enhance shareholder value, disposition of assets and valuations, reduction of occupancy costs.

Skilled negotiator and proven leader capable of delivering on aggressive objectives and goals. Key personal characteristics include integrity, honesty and a solid work ethic.

Our team at Visionation under the management of Mr. I. Mohammed Farook is coupled with an approach to provide a great service and a consistent focus on quality of property care services which brings out awareness on major real estate trends, risks and opportunities to the customers.

Mrs. Matharammal Gani - Director

Discovering women at high positionsóthere are few out there. But that is not to say that it will not begin to growóday by day women are starting to rule the world. As such, Our Director Mrs. Matharammal Gani is a Young and energetic woman who has been one of the sole reasons to encourage and bring out the service idea behind Visionation.