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Property Verification
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Our investigators will investigate the possibilities of the land acquisition from common areas like Pond, Lake, Canals, Grassing land (Pastures), Burial ground, High Voltage Transmission Tower Lines, civic, Government gifted land to Service Personnels, Poramboke lands, crossing Water/Oil Pipe lines, etc.
Our team will verify and confirm the land/property type as per Government norms. (e.g.) Residential, Commercial, School site, Multi- Storeyed Building, Agriculture or non Agriculture land, Industrial or Semi industrial etc.
Details of the pathways will be investigated by our investigators and verify whether common and civic area like play ground, school, park areas are surrendered to local bodies with proper documentation wherever necessary.
Our investigating team will verify the authorized government FMB and Approved (CMDA and DTCP) layout with the working plan layout most often used by many Promoters for land dealing with the gullible common man.
Our experts will cross verify the location of the property, offered to the buyer on his site visit and help him to register the same property.
Our experts will analyse on possibilities of new government proposal and private proposal which will have an impact in Return On Investment (ROI).
The area of land will be cross verified by our investigators with the Government records and sale records, apart from on site measurement.
Here our team will give the current date property guideline/market/rental values as per the Government & market trends.
Our expert team will verify the approved plan and match the constructed structure to check unauthorized construction with reference to FSI (Floor Space Index) deviation, UDS (Undivided Share).
The ownership of the property will be investigated whether it is owned by legally Real Owners with reference to family tree, if the same is inherited property or by agents, if it is through Agreement, Gift deed, Settlement deed, Power Of Attorney, etc.
Our legal team will verify the ownership of the property as per the government records. The executor and claimant details will be verified from the registration department in detailed manner.
The government records and allotments of the particular property have to be checked from ‘A’ register, free patta issued by government on restricted enjoyment of land, SLR (Survey and Land Register) etc.
The transfer of the names will be done in revenue records like Patta, E.B, Property tax, Drainage / sewage, water board etc.
To Obtain NOC and Connected documents from the civil authorities and boards, arrangements will be made for the same.
Verification of legal heirship and succession certificate details are done by our investigators in a detailed manner to the extent of going to residential places of property owners. If the legal heir certificate is not satisfactory, we will go for succession certificate through Court.
Our expert team will verify whether all the structures, trees, swimming pool, play ground area and amenities inside the property are clearly mentioned in the deed.
Here our expert team will verify whether the power (in the case of power of Attorney) is live or not and also the power agent is alive. The team will also verify provisions of legal heirship and death certificates as applicable.
Our expert team will confirm in which jurisdiction the deed is to be executed as per the government norms and jurisdiction will be done for Foreign Deeds, Ratification Deeds and Rectification Deeds.
Our expert will suggest ways and means for Property tax/ Sewerage and Drainage tax/ Water tax arrears management and property assessment.
Our team will verify and confirm whether the property taxes such as property tax, water tax and sewerage tax etc. are paid up-to-date.
We draft plan which suits customer requirements and certain arrangements will be made to obtain approval from competent authority like CMDA, Corporation, Municipality, etc.
Our Legal team experts will verify and give opinion regarding “WILL” Oriented Properties; “MINOR” Oriented Properties; Ancestral properties and all other properties which ever need Legal opinions.
Our Legal Team and other Experts will investigate all Parent Documents to verify encroachment details and pathway problems (ON/OFF of the documents) and all Encumbrances.
Our legal experts and sub-Registrar (Rtd) will guide in drafting and conveyance to register a)Sale Deed b)Settlement Deed c) Power Of Attorney d)JV (Joint Venture ) Agreement Deed e)Sale Agreement f)Construction Agreement g)Lease Deed h)Gift Deed i)Rental Agreement j)Ratification Deed k)Rectification Deed l)Memorandum of Title Deeds (MOTD) etc.